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    Leading and Motivating an Organization During Crisis

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    Please assist with the below assignment. I'm looking for at least 1000 - 1250 words to help with the required 2500 - 3000 words for this essay. Please address all three bullet points at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

    Regardless of the size of an organization, when two or more people come together to execute the operations, motivation and quality teamwork assist in ensuring quality outcomes. Dysfunctional teams become resentful, waste time, and can lose their motivation.

    Imagine that you are an executive at Edison Enterprises. The table below outlines facts about the employees directly associated with a breakdown in team effectiveness and the scenario describes the current climate at the organization. Because motivation theory addresses individuals as well as groups, you are provided with information beyond what may be necessary to recommend a course of action. Nonetheless, as in industry, critical analysis of human resource issues is dependent on insight as well as hard data. Therefore, it is up to you to sift through the information you are given and determine which information is useful and relevant to motivation theory.

    Years with the Company
    Job Title
    Personnel File Information
    Additional public information

    Amanda Lorenzo
    Years with the company: 12
    Customer Service Supervisor
    Number of dependents excluding self: 2
    Education level: A.A.S. Business Administration from XYZ Community College
    Excellent attendance, enthusiastic, and always on time
    Reports: Philip Ramadi, Director of Marketing
    Supervises: 2 Customer Service Call Center representatives
    Amanda is a single mom of three children, who works Saturday evenings bartending. She took the part-time second position 18 months ago when her divorce finalized in order to make ends meet.

    Tyrell Winston
    Years with the company: 8
    Warehouse Manager
    Number of dependents excluding self: 0
    Education level: B.A. Economics from XYZ State College
    Dedicated employee who is friendly and quiet
    Reports: Jo-Ellen Hanson, Transportation and Logistics Manager
    Supervises: 2 Supervisors who in turn oversee 11 workers
    Tyrell started at the company part-time when he was a sophomore in college. Upon graduation he took a full-time position as Second Shift Supervisor. Last year, Tyrell was promoted to oversee the entire warehouse operation.

    Andy Wheaton
    Years with the company: 6
    Executive Assistant
    Number of dependents excluding self: 1
    Education level: B.A. Liberal Studies from a small private liberal arts college
    Motivated and has exceptional organizational skills
    Reports: Directly to you
    Supervises: Nobody
    Andy married his partner William in New York City three years ago.

    Rick Paulson
    Years with the company: 13
    Maintenance Worker
    Number of dependents excluding self: 2
    Education: High school graduate
    Reports: Patrick O'Brian, Site and Facilities Manager
    Supervises: Nobody
    Rick is married to Adriana and has one daughter. He is very active in his church community.


    Edison Enterprises is issuing a recall on Product 2381 because of its malfunction in higher heat conditions; thus, the corporation is providing a re-engineered part and associated labor for installation at no cost. Senior management assures all employees that the recall issue should be resolved within three weeks as every customer is receiving a written letter containing a full explanation for correction.

    Due to this recall, the call center is swamped with inquiries of concern and remedy. Even with extended Saturday hours, Lorenzo's staff backlogs up to 12 people on hold with an average wait time of 20 minutes. To help alleviate this problem, Lorenzo assists by taking calls at her desk. As a salaried employee, she receives no compensation for overtime, unlike her wage-earner staff members who are receiving time-and-a-half per hour beyond their contract commitment of 40 hours.

    As Lorenzo spends approximately three hours a day on the telephone, her other responsibilities are falling behind. In an effort to manage effectively, Lorenzo asks both Paulson and Winston not to distract the call takers, which in turn is creating a less-than-friendly work environment because feelings appear to be hurt. As a result, there is little social interaction between Lorenzo and her staff. In addition, the call takers are working overtime until 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays, yet, Lorenzo leaves early to be with her child and get ready for her part-time job.

    During the workweek, Lorenzo asks Wheaton for assistance in responding to customer emails concerning the recall. Wheaton lends a hand; however, these added requirements of his day impact his ability to get his required assignments completed. As a result, Wheaton is not leaving the office until 6:00 p.m., and on some evenings, 6:30 p.m. Since he volunteers to help, Wheaton is receiving no compensation for his efforts, while also receiving criticism from his partner for working so many hours without pay.

    Imagining that you are the executive, use the theories, concepts, and vocabulary associated with motivation to prepare a 2500 to 3000 word report explaining your course of action to remedy the problem. Be sure to include:

    - An opening paragraph that clearly articulates the purpose of the report.
    - Explanation of the issues and situations that require attention.
    - An action plan that can be implemented to alleviate problems and tensions.

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    - An opening paragraph that clearly articulates the purpose of the report.

    The issue associated with this particular case revolves around an inefficient amount of staff as well as excessive workloads predicated upon the recall that has occurred due to the malfunctioning of the product that was sold by the company. The management is required to address this issue, but the issue is being handled in a way that is causing discord within the organization as some of the employees are beginning to have issues in regarding to maintaining a quality work-life balance because of excessive overtime that has been necessitated to address the issue that is required to be addressed. Therefore, the organization needs to establish a strategic approach that will facilitate a healthier working environment while allowing employees to remain motivated and dedicated to the success of the organization.

    The organization must establish a more equitable approach toward dealing with the recall that has caused a flood of customer service calls to deal with the manufacturer's defect in regard to its product. Therefore, this summary will provide an overview of some common motivational strategies that have proven to be effective for motivating employees in the workforce. This is the crux of the issue facing this company.

    - Explanation of the issues and situations that require attention.

    The organization has ...

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