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    Management Issues

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    GE prides itself on continually raising the performance bar by annually letting go of employees who perform in the lowest 10 percent. In contrast, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric Co. prides itself on its no-layoff policy. Lincoln Electric has provided its employees with guaranteed employment since 1958. How can two successful companies have such different approaches to employment security? How can they both work? What implications can you derive from the success of these different practices? Which company would you prefer to work for and why?

    All company has their own rules and regulation, plans and policies. I also noticed that
    Lincoln Electric has more job security because of their no-layoff policy in other had I would also like to work in GE because I would like to work harder and smarter so which I able to be in lowest 10 percent.

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    All companies have their own rules and regulations, plans and policies. I also notice that ...

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