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    Hands-on and Fun Ways of Teaching Math Concepts

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    What fun, practical and creative ideas do you have for teaching math concepts?

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    There are oodles. Each district, more often than not, has already invested in some of the commercial math hands-on items (cubes, fraction items, etc.). Many text books include manipulatives with the purchase, as well.
    It really depends a LOT on the age, but ALL kids prefer hands-on activities over simply paper and pencil style content (except those that are wired that way).

    Tangrams are REALLY a big hit. I've had success with them with both my 3rd and 6th graders. It's a nice activity to do or redo at the Chinese New Year. I have a magnetic one, which has 365 different ideas to try out, and is always great fun, along with integrating polygrams, and other state standards.

    WWW use, having students research shopping or other content is good. I know people hate the ...

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    Fun, practical and creative ideas for teaching math concepts are provided.