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The Internet offers many resources to support mathematics instruction. Conduct a search for websites that offer free mathematics resources (e.g., math activities, games, and/or lessons for students). Choose at least one site, provide a summary of its offerings, and evaluate the effectiveness of these offerings in reinforcing math concepts. Support your thinking by referencing your text and the C.C.S.S.M.

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Although there are many free online math resource sites the one I personally have found to be incredibly helpful for students and parents alike is CoolMath.com (http://www.coolmath.com/). This site is attractively set up to engage youth and offers a variety of lessons, games, puzzles, art and even a math dictionary just to name a few things. This site can assist a student with everything from simple addition to calculus and does so in a fun and exciting way doing just what the title implies and that is making Math cool. ...

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Teaching children and utilizing existing technology is a perfect match for math. This response delves into one such website available to children; parents and teachers.

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I am looking for solutions for these four problems using QM for windows or Solver in Excel. If I can get a detailed solution with explantion I will be grateful.

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