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1.) Click on the link below, and view it in its entirety. Discuss paradigms and what they mean to TQM. You will need to google the below address, for some reason blackboard is not letting you click on the link.


2.) Vision, Mission, and Planning.These three words are completely foreign, without meaning, to 95 percent of all safety and health practitioners and managers of safety programs.Write me a 1/2 page of your Vision and mission for the next 5 years.

View the power point program # 7 above to help you in your assignment.

3.) View the following web site, discuss the pull system that is used so often in manufractuing. Be sure to read the notes below the slides. You will have to google this address, for some reason blackboard will not let you click on it.


4.) Control programs in a total quality safety and health programs are formal systems that check and verify that important safety and health activities and functions or related activities are done the same way each time without continual oversight. View the link below. Write a 1/2 page report about the control programs at your place of work.

5.) Why are the subjects of communication, information, and training important to a safety and health program? Why are we talking about them in the first place? Quite simply, any effective safety and health program, whether or not it is total quality, will live or die based on these three components! In a total quality safety and health program that encourages change and improvement, communication, information, and training are are necessary elements of the program.

View the power program #9. Describe the communication at your place of work. How is it done compared to the Power point program.

6.) Go to Google for ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 90001?

-Describe the purpose of an ISO 9000 quality system.?

-How does the conceptual approach to ISO 1401 differ from ISO 90001??

-What is the overall aim of the QMS system??

-Using the link below: Describe some of the benefits of Quality Function Deployment(QFD) as a planning tool. Google the below address and write on the subject.

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1.) Total quality management seeks to continuously improve the quality of products and processes therefore, establishing a valid paradigm to reach this objective is imperative. The paradigm establishes and defines the products that will be produced and measure of quality, what questions need to be answered regarding how to obtain the desired quality for the products, the structuring of these questions, and the interpretation of the scientific results

2.) When using a vision to plan for the future of safety in your businesses mission statement it is difficult because no one can see future calamities that could occur on-the-job. Therefore, what I do for envisioning for the future safety of my employees is attempt to accumulate all the necessary data currently available on future trends in workplace safety. Attempting to stay cognizant about the industry and its possible future areas of concern is the first step in trying to create a mission statement and planning that accommodates safety issues that may arise in the future for my employees.

Next I ensure that I attend all the workshops available and conferences that focus on the current proven safety practices that have lowered costs and workplace injuries throughout the industry. Using these practices as a template I begin to plan my vision for my business around future employee workshops and training that will incorporate these proven safety measures. Therefore, I am able to outline a vision that will include the necessary tools to ensure that my vision can be reached. The vision is to eliminate safety accidents and lower all costs associated with these accidents such as loss work, health expenses, and potential lawsuits.

Once this vision is planned the next step is ...

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