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    An Outline of Action Research

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    Can you assist me with the following?

    Read the Tillotson article entitled, "Studying the Game: Action Research in Science Education." Using this article as a model, outline your own action research study according to the author's explanations. Include the following sections:

    1. An analysis of the setting
    2. An analysis of the problem formulation
    3. A description of data collection
    4. A description of data analysis
    5. A description of reporting results
    6. A description of action planning

    Include two scholarly resources and addition to the article.

    Below I have attached the article in the file.

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    Action research can be done by a teacher, a group of teachers, administrators, or basically anyone who wants to conduct research to help them personally improve on something or in a specific area. For example, if a teacher has difficulty keeping the attention of a child with ADHD in their classroom they could conduct an action research study to find ways to help keep the attention of that specific child.

    The setting could be in a small elementary school in the state which you live. If a large number of elementary children have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the teacher are most likely having a difficult time keeping the attention of the students that are in the regular class curriculum.

    Problem formation:

    The problem would be the difficulty of the teachers being able to help the children to concentrate on the task or assignment that has been assigned to them. The research is completed, data is collected, analyzed, and then determine how assistive technology can assist in early education classroom curriculum (1). These would be your research questions that you have already completed in the previous weeks.

    Data Collection:

    These could consist of observational data, which is great for ...

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    This solution discusses the design of an outline on action research using Tillotson's article "Studying the Game: Action Research in Science Education" as an example.