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    European and Russian Infrastructure

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    Ancient infrastructure included the track, paths, and roads in which pilgrims, merchants, and soldiers moved. Today trains, planes, and automobiles carry crowds and commerce. Telecommunications systems keep ever-increasing numbers of people connected. In the Old World, new and old - even ancient lare intertwined. Discuss an important aspect or feature of European or Russian Realm infrastructure - it could be a famous building or perhaps sewers or subways or canal and port systems, etc.

    - Pick a topic within the frame set in the preceding paragraph on Europe and a chosen article. Discuss your chosen infrastructure topic. It can be old or new infrastructure. Be sure to review the contents of that article in your discussion.
    - It can be physical or human geography related.

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    Step 1
    The chosen article is "Building Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel would cost 9-13 bln euros", This article is from: http://www.baltic-course.com/eng/transport/?doc=102306
    A study of the feasibility of a fixed undersea tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki is presented. The article says that a rail tunnel that connects the existing transport networks in both countries can lead to shortest possible time travel. The Rail Baltic will be a high-speed rail link with Europe. Having a fixed rail link between Tallinn and Helsinki can open up economic growth in Estonia, Finland, and the Baltic region. The competitiveness of the entire region would be increased. This is an infrastructure project not only of importance to Europe but also to the world. This infrastructure will not only keep large number of people connected but will also open up the region for economic growth and prosperity.

    Step 2
    The Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel is a proposed undersea tunnel which would span the Gulf of Finland and connect the capital cities of Finland and Estonia. The shortest possible length of the tunnel underwater would have to be 50 Km in length and make it the longest undersea tunnel in the world. There are several benefits of the tunnel. It would provide passenger connections, and a rail freight connection with between Finland and Baltic States. This connection would be environmentally friendly. There would be no need to travel through Russia.

    Step 3
    There are however some reservations about the project. The first is the cost which can go up to 13 billion Euros. The current volume of passenger and cargo traffic is not adequate to support such a large investment. Estonia has shown initiative and has outlined the proposal for Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel by the year 2030, but Helsinki has not yet produced any proposal for the project. The tunnel would be 67 km of which 50 km would be under sea. There would be additional rail line of 120 km. Some still claim that detailed planning should not be taken up of the tunnel because of high costs.


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