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    European and Russian Infrastructure

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    Ancient infrastructure included the track, paths, and roads in which pilgrims, merchants, and soldiers moved. Today trains, planes, and automobiles carry crowds and commerce. Telecommunications systems keep ever-increasing numbers of people connected. In the Old World, new and old - even ancient lare intertwined. Discuss an important aspect or feature of European or Russian Realm infrastructure - it could be a famous building or perhaps sewers or subways or canal and port systems, etc.

    - Pick a topic within the frame set in the preceding paragraph on Europe and a chosen article. Discuss your chosen infrastructure topic. It can be old or new infrastructure. Be sure to review the contents of that article in your discussion.
    - It can be physical or human geography related.

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    The chosen article is "Building Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel would cost 9-13 bln euros", This article is from: http://www.baltic-course.com/eng/transport/?doc=102306
    A study of the feasibility of a fixed undersea tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki is presented. The article says that a rail tunnel that connects the existing transport networks in both countries can lead to shortest possible time travel. The Rail Baltic will be a high-speed rail link with Europe. Having a fixed rail link between Tallinn and Helsinki can ...

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