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    Marketing Promotions used by Dell and Apple Computers

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    Discuss the marketing promotions used by Dell and Apple computers. Compare and contrast the promotional activities - both online and offline - and discuss why they are successful/or not. Use promotions currently being used by each organization. Focus the comments on the communication medium and messages, and how they align with the four P's (product, price, promotion, placement (distribution).

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    *** Dell goes into heavy descriptions of what can and cannot be intermingled between their different international versions***

    *** Dell was extremely tricky in trying to make it difficult to find out about its international issues. Never use Wikipedia as a resource because most instructors do not accept it as reliable but, go here and read this information regarding Dell - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_Computer ***

    Some Optional Components may not support operation on non-U.S. English versions of Windows. - Items saved to a storage card will not be visible on devices in other languages. For example, if you save a voice recording on a storage card in a French device, it will not be visible when the storage card is inserted into a German device. To get to the file(s), connect the device to a desktop computer using Windows CE Services, and look in the My Documents folder in the proper language (e.g., "Eigene Dateien" in German). World Wide English (WWE) CD version - The WWE version of Microsoft Windows CE Services, Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0a, and Microsoft Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking Upgrade 1.2 software can operate on Western European versions ...

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    This solution of over 2,600 words compares and contrasts the local and international marketing promotions used by Dell and Apple and evaluates their success.