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    Mac vs. Dell Marketing Strategies

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    Mac computers vs Dell computers

    (1) Describe each company's target market and positioning. Do NOT include definitions of target market , positioning or segmentation.

    (2) Contrast and compare the target and positioning strategies of each company.

    (3) Now imagine one of the companies you chose wants to create a product or service for a new target market. How would this strategy affect consumer perceptions? (750-1500 words)

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    Let's use Mac v Dell as the example.

    (1) Target market and positioning:
    Mac - Targets customers that are willing to pay a higher price for a product that is considered to run faster and smoother for artists, writers, designers and other creative types. The company keeps a steady customer base by constantly introducing new products, upgrades, and features. Mac's are now positioned at the top of the market and the Apple company has taken over the market share in personal computing.

    Dell - Targets customers that need an everyday work machine. Dell sells to students, companies, and families because the products are relatively inexpensive and have a good reputation. They also target customers who are not familiar or do not wish to learn the Mac platform. Dell is probably at the top of the Windows-based personal computing market, though Apple outsells in terms of product offerings.

    (2) Compare/Contrast the target and positioning of each company:
    One ...

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    Explains how Mac and Dell target their marketing campaigns and discusses the differences in approach.