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Region that is experiencing a resource shortage

Discuss a region or location that is facing or has faced a shortage of resources (energy, productive farmland, clean water and air, or minerals).

a. Write a clear description of the problem, the political and economic issues behind it, and how the shortage is affecting the community.
b. Analyze resource management factors that contributed to the shortage or management factors that could be used to alleviate the shortage.
c. Compose recommendations for addressing those resource management issues, and defend your proposed solution on both economic and environmental grounds.

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A well known and studied area of concern is the Sahel region of Africa. This is the boundary between the Sahara desert and the southern regions of Africa. It is an area of shifting resources but is arid and suffering by and large. Droughts in 1914, and from 1968 to today plague the regions.

In the early 1960s the Sahel region experienced several years of unusually high rainfall. It made the area rather lush, and increased settlement ensued. This included cattle and crops. The rains were short-lived and cattle compacted the soil. Desertification and all the ills associated came to the Sahel. Shortages of water, food, increased disease and socioeconomic strife. Seems perfect for your paper.

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The Sahel drought in 1970s and 1980s created a famine that killed a million people and afflicted more than 50 million.

Originally it was believed that the drought in the Sahel was caused by humans over-using natural resources in the region ...

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A discussion with references regarding areas (mainly developing nations) with resource shortage problems. Focussed mainly on the African Sahel regions.