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    Regions Facing Resource Shortages

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    Discuss a region or location that is facing or has faced a shortage of resources (energy, productive farmland, clean water and air, or minerals).

    a. Write a clear description of the problem, the political and economic issues behind it, and how the shortage is affecting the community.
    b. Analyze resource management factors that contributed to the shortage or management factors that could be used to alleviate the shortage.
    c. Compose recommendations for addressing those resource management issues, and defend your proposed solution on both economic and environmental grounds.

    Charts - Marginal cost & Cost benefit diagrams can be used to illustrate your case.

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    The chronic water shortage crisis in Australia can be a very good topic for your research paper. Australia is the driest (after Antarctica) and most sparsely populated continent on the globe, and even though the population is extremely sparse, its world class cities in the coastal areas are always under the pressure of water shortage. Rainfall is limited in Australia because of its geographical position on ...

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    This solution discusses two areas that have faced shortages of resources and ellaborates.