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    A brief introduction to balancing out pricing with respect to work volume and prospects with clients as a freelance writer and/or editor.

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    A small discussion on how to consider one's work arrangement with clients as a freelancer, with the aim of getting a larger volume of work rather than simply chasing the largest pay off for a single job. This often requires negotiating situations and getting an idea of the long-term prospects with a client and applying such a strategy across the board with various client towards increasing professional and financial advancement.

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    Between making a decent earning on a single project and looking at long term stability, it can often be beneficial to consider negotiating down one's editing rates in lieu of having a regular arrangement to edit various content for a client that produces content on a regular basis. In absolute terms, one is looking at a more stable income and work stream with greater financial advancement down the road as opposed to being rigidly pricey on each project.

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    It is important to consider long term work prospects as a freelance writer and/or editor with a client, even if it means compromising a bit on the price rate for one's work.