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security and setup

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Describe steps necessary to setup SQL Server security.

Define what the database roles are and set them up for a database with import and export permissions.

Please provide atleast two screen shots of important steps.

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SQL stands for the Structured Query language. It is the language, which is used to retrieve the data from the database on the given conditions. The main statement of the SQL is the create statement which is used to create the database in the SQL. The other most important SQL statement is the Select statement, which is used to retrieve the data from the specified database on the giving conditions. The most important advantage of the SQL is that, we don't have to write the big query as in the other non-procedural language, in SQL.

Steps to be kept in mind while setup of the SQL

Privacy means that the sender and the receiver expect confidentiality. The transmitted message should make sense to only the intended user. To all others, the message should be unintelligible.

In this way when the SQL is setup Software utility is to use while sharing of database from user to another user the another user should not have the permission to use the database. In this way the Privacy can be maintained while installation of the SQL software.

Authentication is the process that the receiver is sure of the sender's identity and that the imposter has send the message.

In this way that while setting of the SQL the administrator should maintain the file, which consists of the Username and Password of the Valid. When the User wants to work on the software firstly he should be ...

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