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DDoS attack on border router. Finding origin of attack.

General Question

1.) Recently had a DDoS attack on border router (Health Care Environment). How would you determine where the attack came from and what would you put in place to prevent it from happening again?

2.) What is the important of Honeypot's on the network.

Explain the answer step by step.

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Kelly Higgins wrote a great article on DDoS attacks that explains in good detail phases of detecting, blocking, reporting, and investigating DDoS attacks. It can be found here: http://www.darkreading.com/security/perimeter-security/208804763/how-to-trace-a-ddos-attack.html

A honeypot is, in my opinion an invaluable tool for security professionals. A Honeypot a a system that is setup, usually in a routers DMZ. This system is never ...