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    Smurf Attacks & DoS Example

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    Please help me in:
    * Explaining Smurf Attacks
    * Detecting Smurf Attacks
    * Methods used to preventing Smurf Attacks
    * Example of major DoS attack within the last two years. Provide details about the attack, the discovery of the attack, and what did the organization do to fix the problem after discovering the attack.

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    The Smurf Attack is an older version of denial of service (DoS). "The definition of denial of services is any attacks that disrupt a network so that the devices cannot respond to legitimate request" (Ciampa, 2009).

    Detecting Smurf Attacks

    Intrusion detection system (IDS) detects intrusion attempts on computer systems. This detection system can be used to identify Denial of Service (Smurf Attack). There are other software components ...

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    The solution explains the 'Smurf Attack' flavour of denial of service attacks, speaking about detection and prevention, in 274 words with 2 references.