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    Various File Systems in Windows

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    Compare and contrast various file systems used by Windows.

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    Compare and Contrast various file systems used by Windows (referenced from Western.cc, n.d.):

    1) "Windows 3.1 File System

    * Uses a file allocation table (FAT) file system
    * Use of 8.3 file names which can be up to 8 characters long followed by a period and an extension of 3 characters
    * With DOS prior 4.0, the maximum size of file system was 32 MB (FAT12)
    * With MS-DOS from 4.0, the maximum size was 2 GB (FAT16)

    * The FAT file system supports two partitions per hard drive - a primary and a secondary partition
    * A secondary partition may be divided into a maximum of three logical drives

    2) Windows 95/ 98 File System


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    The solution compares file systems that Windows uses.