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    operating system software

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    Can you please assist me in locating information on the following questions

    1. Application compared to operating system software

    2. Pros and cons of application software in business and your personal environment

    3. Operating system software for your personal PC: What are the differences
    among the Windows OSs

    4. Workgroup operating system software

    5. Open source software: pros and cons

    6. Programming languages: What is the trend in the languages used to develop
    today's software?

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    Computer Science, Software Design and Architecture
    Year 2
    Information on the following questions
    Can you please assist me in locating information on the following questions

    1. Application compared to operating system software

    Application Software:

    It works with any operating system to perform any specific functionality required by user.
    There are number of applications software developed to accomplish tasks. They all need run on any on of operations systems. (UNIX, Mac OS and Windows)
    Application Software can run on any operating systems. (Some are OS dependent too)

    Operating system software

    All computers and mainframes, have an operating system to run other programs, such as application software. Examples of operating systems for personal computers include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS (Darwin), and Unix.
    The main advantages of an operating system include:
    1. Allows multiple programs to run concurrently.
    2. simplifies the programming of application software because the program does not have to manage the hardware. The operating systems manage all hardware and the interaction of software. It also gives the program a high level interface to the hardware and ways of interacting with other programs.
    The lowest level of any operating system is its kernel. This is the first layer of software loaded into memory when a system boots or starts up. The kernel provides access to various common core services to all other system and application programs. These services include, but are not limited to: task scheduling, memory management, disk access, and access to hardware devices.
    As well as the kernel, an operating system is often distributed with system software that manages a graphical user interface (although Windows and Macintosh have integrated these programs into the operating system), as well as utility programs for tasks such as managing files and configuring the operating system. Often times distributed with operating systems are application software that does not directly relate to the operating system's core function, but which the operating system distributor finds advantageous to supply with the operating system.

    The difference between the operating system and application software is not precise, and is ...

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