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Network security Credit Unions

A year after your first visit to the credit union the manager calls you once again. His business is experiencing tremendous growth and needs to either open another branch office on the west side of town or allow their auditors and loan-processing staff to work from home. He asks you to compare the security requirements of opening a new branch office versus implementing a VPN solution (using empoyees' home broadband Internet connections) for work-at-home employees. As part of your comparison, identify the costs associated with these security requirements. What factors do those costs depend on? For an expansion of 10 users, which solution do you recommend?"

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The cost for opening a new office would include:
1) Rent
2) Computer
3) Heat, Air Conditioning, Coffee etc (creature comforts)
4) Internet service to the location (T1, Cable etc)
5) Desks, Chairs, Supplies
6) Printers
7) Servers
8) Physical protection of the facility, alarm system etc.
9) Firewall
10) Proxy server
11) Networking facilities, routers, switches, etc
The cost for home office with VPN
1) Compensation for use of home network for work.
2) Home computer setup.
3) VPN set up
4) Software ...

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Network security credit unions are examined. The factors that the costs depend on are determined.