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    Stand alone computer system support

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    I am stuck at parts of this practice question. Please could the whole question be checked incase I have gone astray in answering it and also get help with answering the missing parts.

    I have attached a file with the questions and my attempted answers as well as the questions I could not answer. My answers are in red and I have written a small statement under each question as a further explanation of hwat the question requires.

    Below is a background to the questions.


    Smith & Jones Design Partnership (SJDP) has been formed to provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) services to a range of clients. The partners have a number of existing clients for whom design work has been undertaken in the past and drawings and other records of work exist in both computerised and paper forms. SJDP also hope to obtain work from overseas clients and will need, on occasion, to exchange information with them. It is anticipated that a large proportion of both domestic and overseas work will involve modification of existing drawings. The bulk of the intended work will be in the area of building services such as electricity, gas, water, air conditioning and security.

    In the short term, the partnership wish to acquire two computer systems one of which will be a CAD workstation and the other a general purpose machine to be used for accounting, report generation and administration. In the longer term further systems will be acquired as workload, hopefully, increases.

    The partners have already decided on a particular CAD package and also a specialised time recording and billing package. The CAD system chosen provides libraries of special symbols covering the intended areas of operation and many others.

    The total budget for the remainder of the computerisation is limited to £5000 (exclusive of VAT) and this must include all hardware and non-specialist software, ancillaries and installation. SJDP have negotiated a finance agreement to cover the cost of the computer systems which must be taken up within 21 days to take advantage of special terms. The finance company require to inspect fully installed and operational systems prior to releasing payment and initiating the agreement.

    While working on larger contracts it is envisaged that the CAD workstation will be in constant use over the whole of the normal working day and possibly beyond. The second system will be on a part-time basis by an office assistant for accounting and administrative tasks and also by the partners and others as required to perform calculations, create reports etc.

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