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Streaming a live event over the Internet

Calculate the bandwidth requirements for a live event that is streamed over the Internet based on the information below.

You are the network administrator for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your company has been asked to provide bandwidth for a live event produced by one of your clients.

You have been asked to calculate the total data transfer required for the event. You have also been asked to verify that your Internet connection can support the maximum estimated concurrent listeners. You have a 45-megabits-per-second (Mbps) connection to the Internet (a T3 circuit).

Event details are as follows.

* Time of the event: 6:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.
* Encoding rate: 22 kilobits per second (Kbps)
* Average length of play: 60 minutes
* Total listeners: 1,500
* Concurrent listeners: 1,200

1. Calculate the total data transfer for the live event.
2. Calculate the required internet connection bandwidth.

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Assuming that it is "Unicast Streaming" i.e. a separate copy of audio stream is sent to every (concurrent) listener -

1. total data transfer for the live event = encoding rate * duration of play * total listeners
= 22 Kbps * (60*60 seconds) * 1500
= 118800000 Kbits
= 14850000 KBytes
= 14.85 GBytes (considering, 1 Giga = 10^6 ...

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Solution assumes "Unicast Streaming", and also explains the hidden aspects of bandwidth requirements estimation.