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13. A new workbook will initially contain only three worksheets; more can be added later if needed.
14. If you inadvertently delete a worksheet, you can restore it by clicking the Undo button
15. You can move and copy worksheets to another workbook only if that workbook is open?
16. If a range of sheets is referenced in a formula, and one of the sheets in the range is deleted, you must go back to the formula and adjust the sheet references.
17. The Autofilter feature allows you to filter on more than one field at a time?
18. When using wildcards to specify criteria in the Custom Autofilter feature, an asterisk represents one character and a question mark represents any number of characters?
19. When using the Autofilter feature, each column represents a field while each row represents a record?
20. When searching for a file, search criteria will always pertain to the name of the file rather than the contents of the file?
21. The arithmetic mean of a range of cells is found by using which function?
A. Mean
B. Median
C. Average
D. Avg

22. Which functions, other than Sum, appear directly under than AutoSum button when the down-pointing triangle beside that button is clicked?
a. Pmt, Fv, Nper, and STDev
b. Average, Count, Max, and Min
c. If, True, and false
d. Now, Date, and Time
23.What does the FV function calculate?
A. funding venture
B. frequency variation
C. financial variance
D. future value

24. If cell B5 contains 15, and in cell B6 you key the formula =(If B5>10,1.25,1.75), what will be displayed in B6?
A. 1.25
B. 1.75
C. 10
D. 15
25. What does the Collapse Dialog button allow you to do?
a.immediately close the current workbook automatically saving it first
b. temporary minimize the current worksheet to view the worksheet located on the next tab.
C. go directly to the worksheet to select a range of cells rather than keying
Them in.
e. Minimizes Excel in order to display a Help screen.

26. The option to display gridlines on a worksheet is located under which tab in the Page Setup dialog box?
A. Page
B. Margins
C. Header/Footer
D. Sheet
27. If you create a custom header or footer for a worksheet, where can items
Be placed?
A. on the left side or right side of the page, both left aligned
B. on the left side or right side of the page, both right aligned
C. on the left side, in the center, or on the right side of the page,
all left aligned
D. on the left side, left aligned;in the center, centered;or on the right side
Of the page, right aligned

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