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Microsoft Excel

True or false questions

1. All functions use a range of cells for the argument. There are no single cell referenced formulas?
2. When Excel calculates averages, blank cells or cells containing text are ignored?
3. The NOW function can be used to display the current date, time, or a combination of the two in several different formats.
4. The cell containing the NOW function will always display the point in time when the function was entered into the cell?
5. When using the PMT function, if the payments are to be monthly, then the interest rate you supply to the PMT function needs to be a monthly rate?
6. You cannot use the IF function as the true or false answer to another IF function?
7. In the Page Setup dialog box, you can choose to center a worksheet horizontally but not vertically on the page?
8. Headers and footers do not show up in the worksheet area; to see them you have to Print or Print Preview the worksheet.
9. The Chart toolbar will automatically be displayed whenever a chart is selected on the worksheet.
10. Pictures inserted into a worksheet must reside within one cell. If you want the picture to take up a large area, you must resize the column and/or row to create a larger area within the cell.
11. Once an object, such as an arrow or a text box, has been inserted into a worksheet, data cannot be inserted into the cells "behind" the object without deleting the object first.
12. Formulas created in a worksheet can reference cells in another sheet if the other sheet is in the same workbook; cells in other workbook files cannot be referenced?