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    Excel spreadsheet:Election 2000

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    Problem #1

    Election 2000 : Election 2000 has been decided, but it will be remembered for its closeness and controversy. Open a partially completed version of the workbook (PArt 1 - 2000 Presidential Elections) then complete the workbook so that it matches below so proceed as follows:

    Ø Enter the appropriate IF function in cell C8 to determine the winner of the state's electoral votes. Use conditional formatting to display the indicated colors for Bush and Gore. Develop the formula in such a way that it can be copied to the remaining rows in this column.

    Ø Enter the appropriate formulas in cells F8 and G8 to compute the difference in the number of votes and the associated percentages. (Use the absolute value function so that the difference in the number of votes is always shown as a positive number.) Copy the formulas to the remaining rows in the worksheet.

    Ø Use an ordinary SUM function to determine the popular vote for each candidate as shown in cells B4 and C4. Use the DSUM function to determine the number of electoral votes for each candidate. (You will need to establish separate criteria ranges for each candidate.)

    Ø Be sure to show both displayed values and cell formulas. Be sure the worksheet fits on a single page.

    Ø Develop at least three charts that summarize the election's results.

    Part 2 2004 Presidential Elections: The Presidential Election of 2004 has been decided, but it will be remembered for its closeness. You will be required to complete the partial completed worksheet (Part 2 - 2004 Presidential Elections, attached) that summarizes the election. This exercise will require to you to do the following:

    · Determine who won each state, by how much, and by what percent.

    · Determine the Electoral College & Popular Vote totals, as well as count, popular vote count, and number of states won by each candidate via using the DSUM function.

    Use what you learned in the first assignment in completing this assignment. You do not need to do any charts for this assignment. One major change to this exercise is that you will calculate the totals two ways. The Original Total columns look at the actual vote totals. In the Revised Total columns, you will make a slight adjustment where John Kerry will receive 75% of the 3rd party candidate vote total and President Bush will receive the reminder. (HINT: Calculate Senator's Kerry's revised total by adding his original total and 75% of the 3rd party candidate votes. President Bush's total can be calculated by subtracting the total vote total from Senator Kerry's revised total). Once you have completed the appropriate totals, the worksheet will calculate the differences between the revised totals and the original totals.

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