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    You are Sam Vestering, manager of North American Distribution for Worldwide Enterprises. You are preparing a projected distribution revenue schedule for Marquee Productions' latest films Two by Two, to be released February 14, 2003. Create a new workbook that will estimate Worldwide's projected revenue using the following information (see Figure E1-5):

    A. Preview cities receive the film on the Friday before the general release date and pay Worldwide Enterprises 1.25% of projected box office revenues.

    B. General release cities pay Worldwide Enterprises 1% of projected box office revenues.

    C. All projections are paid in U.S. dollars.

    D. Include a total of the projected revenue for Worldwide Enterprises. (Hint: You may want to create this workbook by grouping the preview cities and the general release cities separately.

    Figure E1.5

    City Release Category Projected Box Office Sales in Millions
    New York Preview 22.5
    Phoenix General 12.3
    Los Angeles Preview 31.8
    Denver Preview 18.3
    Miami General 22.5
    Des Moines General 11.2
    Wichita Preview 10.6
    Boston General 19.4
    Philadelphia General 21.6
    Fort Worth General 19.4
    Milwaukee General 17.8
    Vancouver General 12.4
    Winnipeg General 10.1
    Toronto Preview 17.5
    Montreal Preview 15.8

    2. Make any formatting changes you think would improve the appearance of the workbook.

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