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Communication Networks

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Hi I'm stuck on 2 questions. I've looked through the examples in the text book, but cannot apply them to the questions. Any assistance on how to approach these questions would be appreciated.

1) Analog tv signal is low-pass signal with bandwidth of 4 MHz. What bit rate required if we quantize signal and require SNR of 60dB. (Don't understand quantize part)

2) Suppose header consists of four 16 bit words (11111111 11111111, 11111111 00000000, 11110000 11110000, 11000000, 11000000). Find internet checksum for code. (I know how to do this if it is using 4 bit words, but not 16)


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You have a nephew in high school that e-mails you and asks for your help with a school project about the media. Specifically, he has asked for help regarding how the media is utilized by law enforcement in his community. Reply to your nephew's e-mail and give him information regarding how law enforcement can use the media and other means of quickly and efficiently disseminating information to their benefit. To avoid being one-sided, be sure to provide your nephew information regarding how the media sometimes works to the detriment of the criminal justice system as well.

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