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    National Drinking Standard for Lead in Water

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    1. The National Drinking Water standard for lead in water is no more than 0.015ppm. If a particular water supply sample has 5.0x10^-7 moles of Pb per 5.0 liters, is it suitable for drinking?

    2. If a gas occupies 625mL at 0oC and 760 torr pressure, what will its volume be at 223oC and 1520 torr pressure?

    3. A metal tank of volume 75.5L will burst if the pressure in it exceeds 75.0atm. Will this pressure be exceeded by 88.0 moles of a gas in it at 25oC?

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    1) 'ppm' means parts per million. And it is described as mass of solute/ mass of solution times 10^6. So first we need to calculate the mass of 5*10^-7 moles of Pb. and for that ...

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    The solution uses the relevant theory and calculations to answer the asker's question to see if lead content is too much to make the water drinkable.