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    Sample Dilution

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    1. You are asked to dilute a vial (1g) of powder-c to 330mg/ml concentration. The patient needs a 600 mg dose. Label reads dilute with 2.5ml normal saline.
    a. How much dilute was added?
    b. How much was withdrawn for the dose?
    c. What size syringe was used?

    2. A patient needs 14mg of hazardous powder. Two vials of 10mg bottles are used. Label reads, each 10mg must be diluted with 5ml of normal saline. An additional 5ml of diluent for each 10mg is recommended. (1mg/ml)
    a. What precautions are needed when working with hazardous medications?
    b. How much diluent was used in each vial?
    c. How much was withdrawn for the dose?

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    a. If you follow the label dilution you end up with (keep in mind 1g=1000mg) 1000mg/2.5ml = 400mg/ml, so you have not yet reached your desired concentration of 330mg/ml. In order to reach that concentration, one needs to solve the following equation 1000mg/ ???ml = 330mg/ml (now multiply both sides by ???ml) => 1000mg= 330mg/ml*???ml (Now the ml cancel out and the equation reduces itself to) 1000mg=330mg*??? now divide by 330mg and you will find ???. Here ???= 1000/330= 3.03. ...

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