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    Dilution and Colony-Forming Units

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    Ten grams of hamburger were added to 90 mL of sterile buffer. This was mixed well in a blender. One-tenth of a mL of this slurry was added to 9.9 mL of sterile buffer. After thorough mixing, this suspension was further diluted by successive 1/100 and 1/10 dilutions. One-tenth of a mL of this final dilution was plated onto Plate Count Agar. After incubation, 52 colonies were present. How many colony-forming units were present in the TOTAL 10 gram sample of hamburger?

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    Ten grams of hamburger were added to 90 mL of sterile buffer. After blending this with sterile buffer, you have concentration of X in the hamburger/sterile buffer. You are making dilutions to find a concentration, after which you will have colony forming units. Colony forming units are colonies of bacteria that form from the replication of a single bacteria. So if you can dilute your sample to a ...

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    This solution helps find the number of colony-forming units given information about dilutions. A step by step explanation is given, in 285 words.