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    pH of test tubes

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    Seven test tubes were prepared as follows:

    Tube 1: 5 mL of NaOH and 5 mL of water

    and tubes 2 - 7 were filled with 9 mL of water

    One mL of tube 1 was then poured into tube 2; 1 mL of tube 2 was poured into tube 3; 1 mL of tube 3 was poured into tube 4; 1 mL of tube 4 was poured into tube 5;1 mL of tube 5 was poured into tube 6 and 1 mL of tube 6 was poured into tube 7.

    Please help me calculate the concentrations of OH- and the pH of each basic solution.

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    This problem is almost exactly like the last problem you posted with the H+ concentrations and the pH. The concentrations will all be the same except ...

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    This solution explains how to calculate the concentration of OH- and pH of basic solutions in test tubes after several dilutions.