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    Analyzing Oxidation States

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    I am confused about the Oxidation States table (see attached file). Here is the experiment that I have to do.

    - Gather five clean test tubes and place them side by side
    - Place 5mL of water in the first tube
    - Place 5mL of KMnO4 in the second tube
    - Place 2mL of KMnO4 in to tubes 3, 4, and 5
    - Place 1mL of NaOH in tube 3
    - Place 1mL of H2SO4 in tube 5
    - Next, using a pH meter record pH of test tubes 3, 4, and 5
    - pH should reflect the following:
    Tube 3=basic pH, Tube 4=neutral pH, Tube 5=acidic pH
    - Place 5mL of NaHSO3 in tube 3 and record reaction
    - Place 5mL of NaHSO3 in tube 4 and record reaction
    - Place 5mL of NaHSO3 in tube 5 and record reaction.

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