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Oxidation states of Iron

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2Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2*6H2O + 6K2C2O4 + H2O2 + H2SO4 ----

2K3[Fe(C2O4)3]*3H2O + 3K2SO4 + 2(NH4)2SO4 + 8H2O

I need to find the oxidation state of Iron in both the reagent side and product side of the equation.

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Recall that for a neutral compound the sum of the positive oxidation state and negative oxidation state must equal to zero.

We can ...

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The expert examines oxidation states of iron. The product side of the equations are discussed.The solution is given step-by-step.

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The ferrous ion, Fe2+(aq), reacts with the permanganate ion, MnO4- (aq), in an acidic solution to produce the ferric ion, Fe3+(aq). A 6.893 g sample of ore was mechanically crushed and tehn treated with concentrated hydrochloric acid, which oxidized all of the iron in the ore to the ferrous ion, Fe2+(aq). Next the acid solution containing all of the ferrous ions was titrated with .100 M KMnO4 solution. The end point was reached when 13.899mL of the KMnO4 solution was used.

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