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Oxidation States of Manganese

I have done the lab and have submitted results. I am attaching a file with the procedures and the assignment. I have completed the 1st part of the Assignment, but I'm not sure how to do Parts 2 & 3. I really appreciate your help!

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2. Manganese can exist in different oxidation states in different compounds and in KMnO4 it exists in 7+ oxidation state.

When KMnO4 reacts with NaHSO3, it gets reduced and goes to different oxidation states depending on the pH of the solution.

Number 3 contains NaOH and therefore is basic.
Number 4 is neutral KMnO4 solution.
Number 5 is acidic, since it contains H2SO4.

In number 3, when the solution is basic, KMnO4 forms K2MnO4 and therefore, oxidation state of manganese changes from 7+ to 6+ and that of sulfur changes from 4+ to 6+. MnO4- becomes MnO42- and HSO3- becomes SO42-.

In number 4, when the solution is neutral, KMnO4 forms MnO2 and therefore oxidation state of manganese changes from 7+ to 4+ and that of ...

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