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    Products Produced by the Oxidation of C7H14O3

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    How many grams of the products are produced by the oxidation of C7H14O3 by potassium permanganate in acidic solution (HCl is the acid) when you start with 25.65494 g of C7H14O2 and stoichiometric amounts of potassium permanganate? The products are CO2, H2O, the manganese(II) ion, and of course the potassium and chloride ions, which don't take part in the reaction. Then balance the equation in basic solution.

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    According to the question, the reactants are C7H14O3, MnO4- and H+. The products are CO2, H2O and Mg2+.
    Based on the information, we could have the following chemical reaction:
    C7H14O3+ aMnO4- + ...

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    This solution provides steps to determine the number of grams the products are produced by oxidation. It also balances the equation in basic solution.