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Separation of Amines and Carboxylic Acids Using Extraction

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Initially have a sample of a water-insoluble, neutral organic compound dissolved in 50 mL methylene chloride that may be contaminated with:
-Organic carboxylic acid
and/or -Organic amine base
The organic neutral compound will be a solid while the acid/base impurities can either be solids or liquids.

Devise a laboratory procedure to separate the organic neutral compound from the potential acid/base impurities and obtain a maximum yield of purified material. The sample must be in crystalline form.
All of the organic compounds can be recrystallized from 95% ethanol

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1. Transfer the sample of crude compound dissolved in 50 mL methylene chloride to a 125 ml separatory funnel. Extract three times with 15 mL portions of 5 % sodium bicarbonate. After each extraction, run the methylene chloride layer (bottom layer) out from the bottom, and pour the sodium bicarbonate solution out through the top. Discard the ...

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