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    Method Set-Up for a Chemical Separation

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    Suggest a buffer and mobile phase composition to get the best separation given:
    1. HPLC instrument
    2. C18 reverse phase column
    3. 1mM solution of each of the following compounds in Methanol
    4. Mobile phase is methanol-buffer mixture

    Compounds are 3 seperate groups:
    1. Carboxylic Acids:
    a. Benzoic acid
    b. Phthalic acid
    c. Toluic acid

    2. Amino:
    a. aniline
    b. 4-aminotoluene
    c. orhto-pheylenediamine

    3.Amino Carboylic Acids:
    a. 4-aminobenzoic acid
    b. 2-aminobenzoic acid
    c.4-amino-2-methylbenzoic acid

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    To answer this interesting question, I think you will need to remember how the chromatography process works. I think it is desirable to have the solute particles to have some time on the column and some time in the mobile phase.

    Since you are using a reversed phase column, the mobile phase will be ...

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    The methods set-up for a chemical separation are discussed. The solution is 225 words. The reverse phase columns are given.