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Importance of Dialogue & Conversations

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In the book Crucial Conversations, the authors say a bond is formed when genuine dialogue results in the creation of an idea. Why does this happen, and what does it tell us about the importance of conversations?

We are having discussion questions this week, was looking for a different point of view.

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This solution addresses the bond that is formed when genuine dialogue results in the creation of an idea and why this happens, as well as what this tells us about the importance of conversations. It is in reference to the book Crucial Conversations.

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The authors equate the creation of an idea formed during genuine dialogue due to the boding of two or more people as to that of the creation of a child in the bonding of a family. The authors feel this happens through the interaction of the participants, the coming together in finding a "higher middle way, like the apex of a triangle" (Patterson, Grenny, ...

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