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Government Procurement: Market Research

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Please provide assistance on the attached document. Provide more information on Market Research when buying a new and used car. Also what market research is required when searching for a molecular research chemist for a research and development project.

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The response provides you a structured explanation of market research and government procurement process . It also gives you the relevant references.

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Topic 1:
The market research that I will do for purchasing cars is secondary research. I will read magazines and websites and reach a conclusion about three cars that are best for me to buy. After that I will visit the showroom and test drive the cars. This will be my primary research. The car that I find is best for my needs, I will buy.
First I will set objectives for the car I want to buy. I am interested in a mid-range car, which saves fuel, and has great looks. The magazines I will scan are:

Autoweek, Motor Trend, Lowrider, Road & Track, Super Street, and Car And Driver. Each of these magazines is reliable and gives accurate information about the cars. In addition I will also look up some reliable websites for market information. These will be:
1. http://www.carsdirect.com/
2. http://www.internetautoguide.com/
3 http://www.thecarconnection.com/
4. http://www.carmax.com/
5. http://www.jalopnik.com/
6. http://www.cars.com/
7. http://www.autotrader.com/
8. http://autos.yahoo.com/
9. http://www.carsdirect.com/used_cars/search

By going through these websites, not only will I get a good idea of the cars available in the market but also their prices. The magazines will also give me the features available in the cars and their accurate prices. The sources of information listed above will enable me to choose three cars from which I will make the final decision.
The final phase of market research will be booking a test drive for those cars and test driving those cars. Only after I have test driven the three cars will I decide which car to purchase. (258 words)

Part II Topic I:
FAR 10.000 describes the policies and procedures for conducting market research to arrive at the most suitable approach to acquiring, distributing, and supporting supplies and services. It prescribes that needs should be identified, market ...

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