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Nontariff quantity controls instituted by governments

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What are the principal regulations or practices of nontariff quantity controls instituted by governments that affect imports and exports? Why are these practices or regulations implemented? Do you feel regulations and controls should be increased/decreased? Support your perspective with rationale, evidence, and/or examples. The book "International Business Environments and Operations, twelfth edition" written by John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh and Daniel P. Sullivan, published by Pearson Education International is expected to be used. Please cite any sources used. APA format is required.

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How the nontariff quantity control instituted by governments affect imports and exports are determined. Whether these regulations and controls should be increased or decreased is determined.

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Non tariff quantity controls

The principal regulations of non-tariff controls:

The non-tariff barriers are established by the administrative and the legislative laws and they affect the exit of exports and the entry of imports. The ones that limit the quantity of exports and imports are the export restraint arrangements, licensing schemes, prohibitions and quotas. The non-tariff barriers that are practices by the government to restrict the imports and exports are the immigration policies. These are the selective and the general practices that either encourage or limit the movement of labor from other countries and this later affects the exports and imports and also investment in other countries. The foreign corruption policy restricts bribes that are related to the export and import of goods and services. The foreign investment policies monitor and screen the requirements for the foreign trade to occur and also affect the exports and imports. The competition policies restrict competition so as to protect ...

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