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    Handheld Corporation: Simulation

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    Run the PDA Sim again, this time making any changes you proposed in the Module Two SLP. Then, explain

    How you did on this round (Better or worse? What was your score?).

    Why do you think you did better (or worse)?

    What changes in strategy will you make for the final round?

    Again, ground your analysis in business principles and support your arguments and recommendations with data. I am less concerned with the actual performance on this simulation as I am with your ability to explain it and devise a logical strategy to deal with it.

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    // Simulation is a quantitative tool thoroughly used for reviewing various alternative courses of action. Here a business analysis is done using PDA Simulation. To start with it, we will run the simulation and note the key findings. Then we'll describe it in the paper. Before writing about the simulation, we'll give a brief description about the simulation process. //

    Simulation is defined as a quantitative technique used for evaluating alterative courses of action based on facts and findings. After running the simulation technique in the previous module, it is ascertained that revenues and profit of product X7 have continuously grown substantially in comparison to product X6, which have initially increased in the first two years and afterwards persisted unchanging throughout the years. Whereas, the revenues and profits of product X5 have reduced continuously.

    Thus, to get over this imbalance in the product, the strategy has to be changed. (Kazmi, 2002) This time, the strategy will be to reduce the price of product X5 with the same allocation to the R&D, increase the price of product X6 and keep the R&D ...

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