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Strategic Marketing Plan

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For this project you will need to choose a product that is currently available in the country in which you live that you would like to market in another country. Using the Internet you will need to develop a portion of the strategic marketing plan that includes the following:

1: Briefly explain the country in which you have chosen to market the product and why you selected that country.

2: A marketing mix and a competitive advantage for the product.

3: A pricing strategy, a price, and a rationale explaining the price of each of your products. Remember to consider turnover, competition, and elasticity of demand in your strategy.

4: A media strategy for marketing the product including an image and position to be developed, types of promotion to be used, and media to be used. Remember to specify the advantages of the chosen media, frequency, and continuity to be used.

For all three of the items above explain how these will be similar or different from the current strategies that are being used in your home country and why there are similarities or differences.

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Product plans are modeled.

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For #1: Say you have Coca-Cola. You want to market it to Germany. You explain why you would market it to Germany (for example: high consumption of soda in Germany if any such research exists, high sales of similar product in said country, etc.)

For #2: A marketing mix would be what you use for advertising: TV, newspaper, internet, billboards,etc. It's a collection of percentages as in 30% billboard, 20% magazine and so on.

The competitive ...

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