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marketing plan and strategic marketing plan

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Marketers must understand the tools of their trade. What is the overall purpose of a marketing plan?

1.How do a marketing plan and strategic marketing plan fit together?
2.What are some legal or ethical issues you may need to consider?
3.List and describe the various components of a strategic marketing plan?.

2. You have been invited to attend a Conference, a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. You will use this forum to discuss a new product you wish to launch and the marketing plan you will develop. Since nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements have been signed, this venue provides a unique opportunity to share ideas with peers about your product.

?What product, good, or service will you be working with? Provide details about the company and its products.
Be sure to pick a product or company that is ready to market. If you are developing a new product, assume that the development phase is over and you are ready to launch the product into the marketplace. Please remember that this assignment is all about--marketing the product or service to your targeet customer group

The product I want to market is a baby changing table, that can go in your vehicle, I am thinking suvs. I have a daughter and I never like changing her in the restrooms in public places, because they are not sanitary and I think in Suvs in the back, you could have a diaper table, that just flips out. It can be attached to the side and when you need it, just flip it out. Just like the ones that are in the restrooms, but not as bulky .

This is my own idea and I am having trouble with the question above.

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The overall purpose of a marketing plan is to provide a sense of direction and unification to marketing efforts within the overall strategic plan by outlining the goals, strategies, procedures and tasks to achieve short term, medium term and long term marketing goals.

A marketing plan is an inherent part of the overall strategic plan. It fits together with the strategic plan in the sense that it is framed and implemented within the broad guidelines provided by the strategic plan. A strategic plan deals with all the activities of an organization and marketing is one of the most important and core activity of an organization to achieve strategic goals. Therefore, an organization needs to synergize marketing as well as strategic plan in order to achieve organizational goals.

Some of the legal and ethical issues which we may need to consider are those with respect to effect of organization's policies and activities ...

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How do a marketing plan and strategic marketing plan fit together?

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