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    Qualitative vs Quantitative Marketing Research

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    Many marketing researchers have their favorite research approaches. Some researchers maintain that the only way to really learn about consumers or brands is through in-depth, qualitative research. Others contend that the only legitimate form of marketing research involves quantitative measures. What are your experience and views on this?

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    Marketing research, according to the American Marketing Association (AMA) (2004), connects the consumer, customer, and the public to the marketer through information which is used to define market opportunities, threats, and trends in order to understand the target market. AMA (2004) continued to explain that marketing research clearly indicates the information needed to manage and implement the data collection process as well as the design, analysis and findings of this information. This helps marketers to understand their target market and identify their needs and purchasing behaviours. In this assignment the researcher will seek to identify the differences between qualitative and quantitative marketing research and discuss experiences concerning whether qualitative or quantitative research is the legitimate form of marketing research.

    Barnham (2010) stated that the differences between quantitative and qualitative ...

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    Due to the fact that both methods have limitations it is suggested by Kelle (2006) that the 2 methods are integrated thus incorporating data collection and analysis techniques of each. This increases accuracy of the research.