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    Product Mix and Product Life Cycle

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    For the last twenty years, your firm has been producing a simple health drink called NutriA. It is aimed at health-conscious adults aged between twenty-one and forty-four years. NutriA is in the mature stage of the category's life cycle; as a result, industry sales are flat. Your marketing manager decides that it is time to expand the depth of the product line and increase market share. He wants you to come up with a new health drink aimed at a younger market, the fifteen- to twenty-one-year-olds.

    Describe the new product. Would you keep that same brand name or use a new one? Why? Would it be similar to or different from the existing drink? Why? If it would be different, explain how.

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    Product: Health drink that is fruity, hydrates, gives energy, helps with alertness, and curbs appetite. This drink is good for an afternoon snack for the high school kids that need a little more energy and help staying alert in order to get through the last of their classes. It is a drink that will hydrate while creating a full feeling in order to help level the blood ...

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    The expert examines product mix and the product life cycles. A new product is described for existing drinks.