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Marketing Mix: Same in Caribbean countries as North America

Some people believe that the same marketing mix can be applied in foreign countries/markets with similar culture and life style like: Japan and South Korea.

Taking this in mind, do you think that same Marketing mix can be applied in countries of the Caribbean or North American region with common features of culture and language?

Please include any references.

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The marketing mix is price, product, promotion, and placement. Some things might be applied in countries of the Caribbean and North America. However, the culture and language will be a factor in how the marketing mix is applied.

Broken down to the barest of foundations, we can look at each to see how and if it could be done feasibly. The product, if marketed across cultures might. T shirts, clothing, jewelry, alcohol, cleaning products, are all various products that could be marketed the same, with only variations to the language. In most North American companies, Spanish language is already on most products and the products used in both regions are compatible. Coats and heaters will not be needed in the Caribbean, but then most products available to those in the islands are available in the continent. Products are only one aspect.

Promotions will have to appeal to the same needs in both regions. Needing a cleaning product is important, but ...

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How marketing mix is the same as Caribbean countries as North America is determined.