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Trade blocs for Mexico

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Examine the trade relations your host country shares with other nations. Is your host country a member of any trade blocs? If so, which ones?

Provide a report on the trade bloc(s) to which your host country belongs and present the key economic data that defines them. Include the primary objectives the trade bloc seeks to accomplish as well as any information particular to your host country and its participation/membership in the trade bloc(s).

Post your report to the Discussion Board, along with at least 2 Web links to online resources you will use to gather your data.


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//Before writing this paper, we will go through different articles that will give a bird eye view to the trade relations of Mexico with other countries. As every country is a part of one or the other trade bloc and so is the case with Mexico. Therefore, we will identify the different trade blocs whose one member is Mexico.//

In this era of globalization, international trade plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. The extent of international trade of a country determines the degree of trade relations the country is having with other nations. Being an emerging economy and eleventh largest economy in the world, it is very much clear that Mexico has good trade relations with the major economies of the world. Taking the advantage of its geographical position, Mexico has managed to maintain better relations with its neighbors. Brazil and Mexico are the major economies of the North America, which constitute around 70 percent of the GDP of Latin America and also more than half of the population of that region.

Trade relations of Mexico can be broadly divided in terms of its export and import trade partners throughout the world. The major partners of Mexico in export are USA, Chile, China, Germany and South Korea. Out of these, USA contributes maximum with 49.2% than Germany with 15% and minimum contribution of Chile with 8.4%. On the import side, Mexico has trade relationships with USA, Brazil, China, Chile, Japan and South Korea. Here, again USA is at top by importing 44.3% of the total import of Mexico and second in this category is Brazil with 31.5%. Besides these, there are many other countries in the world that have trade relations with Mexico in one or the other way but their contribution is so small that it doesn't worth to be mentioned (Frayssinet, 2009).

In addition to harmonious trade relations with major economies of the world, Mexico has also joined a number of trade blocs. These trade blocs are North American ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1275 words with references.

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