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    Host country India: trade relations, trading blocs

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    Your company has decided to further its investigation of your selected host country. Because members of management believe that you presented a good case, they want you to prepare a report researching the existing trade relations of your selected host country and determine to which, if any, trade blocs the host country belongs. They also want you to indicate the largest or most important blocs (in your own judgment), and discuss when the host country joined the bloc.

    For this assignment, you must submit a report in which you discuss the existing trade relations of your selected host country. You must also explain to which, if any, trade blocs your host country belongs.

    For full credit, you must address the following in your report:

    Discuss the existing trade relations of your selected country INDIA.
    Determine to which, if any, trade blocs your selected country belongs.
    Indicate the largest or most important blocs.
    Explain the key economic data that defines the blocs.
    Research the trade bloc, and determine its primary objectives.
    Determine any significant challenges, stresses, successes, or other key factors that may affect your selected countryâ??s membership in the trade bloc.
    Discuss when your selected country joined the bloc.
    List all of the trade bloc partners.
    Calculate the total dollar volume of the trade between member nations in the most recent year available.

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    // Trade blocs have been formed all over the word for facilitating better trade relationships between the countries. In this paper, we have taken India as an example to analyze the trade bloc. In order to start a paper like this, an introduction is deemed necessary to introduce the topic, like this://

    Trade Bloc

    Trade bloc is an intergovernmental agreement among the member countries, where the regional barriers of trade like tariffs and non tariff are reduced or removed to enhance the business in that region. The first trade bloc was the German Customs Union which was formed in 1834. The trade blocs facilitated the freely movement of goods and services among the participating countries but the advocates of global free trade generally opposed to trade blocs. They think that it encourages regional imbalances and are detrimental to global free trade. In present time, the European Union demonstrates the best performance among all the trade blocs of the world. The growth rate of the European Union is the highest in all the trade blocs. The only trade bloc near to the European Union is NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

    // Above we have discussed about the introduction of trade blocs in the world to facilitate the business among the member countries, so that they can smooth their operations without facing any problems. Now we will focus on trade relations of India://

    In this case, the ...

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