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Business and the Internet

Please summarize and analyze the following article:

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Here are the key points:

-Today there is a concept that emerges called "The global market" where markets across the word converge into one large market (mainly due to the internet)
- Because of the global market, if a product is sold across many countries, it is best to name the product the same in all markets, and even have a similar marketing mix in all countries
- A large company that sells its product in many markets in the past would have to update its marketing plans to suit the individual market, but this is a costly endeavour. In the global market, the firms would keep the same marketing plan and implement it universally - thus reducing costs.
- Though this a good idea in theory, there are many potential issues:

- not all counties have the same political, social or cultural backgrounds - one marketing campaign might work in one market, but be highly ...

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