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    Consumer behavior

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    Recommend how you would attract young adults (16-25yrs) to a newly opened state of the art sports center situated in a multicultural city, your recommendation should evidence a solid understanding of consumer behavior concepts and theories. Your recommendations need to show that you are able to apply these concepts and that you are able to produce an implementable outline marketing plan that will satisfy the needs and want of the current and potential users, that includes outline costings for any activities you are recommending.

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    The 16-25yrs will be attracted to the newly opened center if the center places a placard only for Olympic participants outside the newly opened center. This is bound to attract the 16-25yrs. Their attitude is that they want to be associated with things famous. The state of the art gymnasium should have pictures of Olympic Champions. Further, there should be an expert trainer who will train the 16-25yrs in using the gymnasium. The addition of TVs with the latest pop videos will make the gymnasium attractive. The studio for dance must have lights suitable for dancing. In addition, from time to time dance performers should be invited. The café should have attractive items but the price must not be high.
    The pricing of the new ...

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