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    Outline a business plan for tutoring and child sitting services

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    I have a budget of $10,000 and the business plan is to be a service business. The business chosen is a combination of tutoring and child sitting services. It will be like part time parenting. For parents who work until 5 or 6 pm their kids will be picked up from school by the sitter and brought home. The sitter will help and supervise them in finishing their school home work, stay with the children like an adult supervision and leave the house when the parents are home. College students who need part time job or retired educated citizen will be good candidates for these positions.

    How do you go about writing the business plan for this? The population and location for this business to start will be Hicksville, NY. It will start from home with the owner starting to work first and maybe hire one more person in the beginning until the business grows.

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    P.S: The business plan must clear, and detailed but it shouldn't be more then 17-18 pages. Do not use personal pronouns like "I', "me", "we" or "our" in this plan. I used them in order to explain the process. You should rather use the name of the business. (E.g. A childcare service)

    1. Executive Summary:

    In this section we are going to summarize the main contents of our business plan and our purpose of preparing it.

    2. Business Summary

    2.1. Business Description:
    In this part we are going to describe our business, talk about our services, operating hours and the location of our business. Let's name our child sitting service business as "A daycare".

    Example: A daycare is a child care center that offers a combination of tutoring and child sitting services etc...The main services include picking up children from their home by the sitter, supervising them in finishing their school home work etc...A daycare is located at Hicksville, NY etc.

    2.2. Mission, Vision and Objectives
    Vision is our primary goal for the future. From this shared vision our mission is established. Next, objectives are set. The objectives can be thought of as milestones ...

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