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    Imagine you have been asked to assist with the formation of a new e-business company. It is an educational site focused on children in grades 9-12. The business model is to provide online tutoring in several subjects in support of the federal No Child Left Behind law. The company has not chosen a name yet.

    * Discuss some of the issues faced in choosing a name.
    * Which do you believe is a better approach: a made-up name or a functional one?
    * Defend your choice, pick a name, and explain why you chose it.


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    Many issues are worth mentioning in regards to choosing a name. For example, everyone has to agree on it, especially if it a team of people strategizing on how, when, and where to market their products and services to those they are seeking to help on a regular basis, such as computers. Another area worth considering is if it is something that no one else has used, and whether or not people have complied to the copyright and patent laws. This could bring about legal issues if it is not addressed immediately.

    Some other issues to consider are those that entail preference. Each person is unique, so when choosing one, they may want something longer than two words, while others ...

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    This solution discussed some of the issues faced in choosing a name, which is better a made-up name or a functional name, and reasons for choosing it.